Waiting For The Day
Not This Time
Naktis / Nights
The Morning
Around And Around
Dance Of The Lost
You Are In My Veins
Zinu / I Know
Mind Waltz
Leave Me Alone

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Recorded and mixed at the G+M Tonstudio Bonn by Georg Kleinebreil. "Leave Me Alone" recorded at L&M Studio Riga by Zigmars Liepins and at the G+M by G. Kleinebreil. "You Are In My Veins" recorded by Stefan Lindlahr / G. Kleinebreil at the G+M. Mastered by Ansgar Ballhorn.

All songs are composed, arranged and produced by Kristaps Grasis, except "Dance Of The Lost": Produced and arranged by Kristaps Grasis and Juris Kulakovs. All lyrics by Kristaps Grasis, except "Around And Around" by Kristaps Grasis and Aleksandrs Caks.

Coverdesign by Katja Schneider
Photos by Uldis Grasis

Kristaps Grasis - lead & backing vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, bass & double-bass, keyboards, mandolin, melodeon, drum programming & percussion
Matthias Höhn - soprano & bariton sax, alto-clarinet, shakuhachi, bagpipes, concertina, recorders, kokle, overtone flute, mandolin, backing vocals
Juris Kulakovs - keyboards on "Leave Me Alone" & "Dance Of The Lost", hihat, cymbals and drum programming on "Dance Of The Lost"
Leons Sejans - guitar on "Leave Me Alone"
Juris Sejans - bass one "Leave Me Alone"
Kaspars S. - drums
Biruta J. Alle - cellos on "Dance Of The Lost"
Ikars Rungis - drums on "Leave Me Alone"