Naktis / Izlase

Laid Ieksa Sievasmate
Girl From The Other Side
Tu Esi Balle (Around & Around)
Neskrien Prom
Tukstots Acis
Look Around
High Priest Of Revenue
Es Zinu
Pippi Longstrump
Miruso Deja

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Recorded from March to June 1996 at the O-Tone Studio by O. Weiskopf, at the G+M Studio by Georg Kleinbreil and at the Hansahaus Studios by Mani Z.
Mixed by Mani Z. at the Hansahaus Studios. Mastered by Werner Weimar at the Bleuburn Studios.

Written and produced by K. Grasis except:
Around And Around - Lyrics by K. Grasis / A. Caks
High Priest Of Revenue - by E. Sanko
Pippi Longstrump - by Georg Redel / Jan Johanson
Laid Ieksa Sievasmate - Leevish Traditional

Miruso deja - co-produced by Juris Kulakovs
Laid Ieksa Sievasmate & Neskrien Prom - co-produced by Mani Z.

Photos by Cathy Verruca
Cover by Mani Wollner

Pijbo - guitars, piano, vocals
Matthias Höhn - bagpipes, concertina, saxophones, mandolin, recorders, flutes
Wendel Biskup - basses, vocals
Francis R. Holzapfel - drums, vocals
Kristaps Grasis - vocals, guitars, mandolin, harmonica

Guests on "Miruso Deja":
Biruta L. Alle - cellos
Juris Kulakovs - keyboards, drums